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Project Tubular Maintenance and Inspection

Visual Body Inspection (VBI): A thorough Visual Inspection of possible noticeable external damages inflicted on the Casing/Tubing is performed. Most damages encountered arise from handling of the Casing/Tubing, such as dents and mashes. Other defects will be external corrosion, laps and straightness; Visual Thread Inspection (VTI): Both pin and box ends are thoroughly cleaned and visually checked for any damages such as dents, corrosion, galled, pitted threads or out of profile etc.

Ultrasonic Wall Thickness / Ultrasonic Thickness Gauging (UTG): Wall thickness is then verified by using ultrasonic readings to prove-up areas in question.

API Thread Gauging (Dimensional Thread Inspection): Using various API gauges, such as thread taper, lead and depth, we are able to measure the connection in order to verify it is within API tolerances; API Full Length Drifting (FLD): A drift, cut to strict API specifications, is passed through the full length bore of each length of casing/tubing in order to check for mashed, dented or bent along the body. If an area has been located, the location of defect will be noted on the casing/tubing as well as on the Inspection report.

Year : 2010 to 2016
Client : BMIC, GOKPL, NSE, ACG, EEPC, ME, TRNI, etc.
Category : OCTG Inspection