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Project Tubular Maintenance and Inspection

Cleaning (Internal / External): Wire brushing or Rattling to remove rust, scale and other debris; Coating (Internal / External): A thin rust preventative coating is applied internally or externally to maintain the integrity of the casing or tubing.

Visual Body Inspection A through visual inspection of possible noticeable external damages inflicted is performed; most damages encountered arise from handling of the casing, such as major dents and mashes. Other types of flags will be external corrosion, laps, and straightness; Visual Thread Inspection (VTI) Both pin and box ends are thoroughly cleaned and visually evaluated for any damages, such as dents, corrosion, galled threads, etc.

Full-Length Drift Testing (FLD): Casing or tubing is drifted throughout its entire length to detect ID reduction. A cylindrical drift mandrel manufactured to the requirements in the latest edition of API Specifications 5CT is used for this test;
Ultrasonic Wall Thickness (UT Spot): Wall thickness is verified by taking random ultrasonic readings; Marking.

Year : 2010 to 2016
Client : Exxon MCL, BMIC, GOKPL, HCML, etc.
Category : OCTG Maintenance