QA/QC & Expediting

The role of representing a client during Vendor Surveillance and Monitoring requires knowledgeable personnel with a professional disposition.

Primary Scope

NDT Inspection

Provides a complete range of standard & specialized Non Destructive Testing methods for industrial fabrication and maintenance activities.

Primary Scope

Quality Objective

We commit improve our quality in every aspect of our services to ensure quality services through innovative SOP and meet customerís requirement, National and International Standard.

fully supported
INSPECTION AND TESTING: - Quality Control Representative on factory site (Quality check up in step during production inspection, Pre Shipment Inspection (PSI) or Final Inspection (FI), Inspection and Test Plant.); - NDT OCTG Inspection Services (01-10); - Casing Tubing Maintenance & Inspection; - Casing and Tubing (OCTG) Inspection; - Drillpipe Inspection; - Tubular Inspection (BHA) Services.
NON-DESTRUCTIVE TESTING (NDT): - Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) Services; - Lifting Gear Equipment Inspection (LGI); - Crane Inspection. TRAINING AND COURSES: - Qualification and Certification Course of Non Destructive Test (ASNT); - Introduction Training to API 5CT and API Thread Connection; - Introduction and Gauging Practice Training to API Thread Connection.
ENGINEERING AND CONSTRUCTION: - Electrical / Mechanical / Fire System for Design, Fabricating, Installation, Testing and Commissioning; - Instrument: PID Process Installation, Controller and Sensing Installation, Process Parameter Fine Tuning; - Refractoryís Applicator; - Piping (Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel, PVC and HDPE): Installation, Testing and Commissioning; - Steel Structure and Fabrication; - Industrial Plant Technical Inspection.

Welcome to Crystally Scope




To deliver excellent services to customers and consistently meet customerís requirement, national and international standard.



We commit improve our quality in every aspect of our services to ensure quality products and services through innovative Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) and meet customerís requirement, National and International Standard.



To be Professional Company through high skilled employee for customer satisfaction.


Company Profile

PT. Crystally Scope - Inspection, Engineering & Construction, founded in 2009, and our primary scope are Casing Tubing Maintenance & Inspection, OCTG / Tubular Inspection, NDT Inspection, Engineering and General Construction.